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To be honest, I only half watched but it was a really good episode again.

Peter Krause is really awesome but honestly, he's dominating the airtime a little too much. I want to see a better balance.

I loved the reveal of Leticia's affair and the ending with the briefcase and how Tripp knew. OMG. Donald Sutherland is amazing. Clayburgh was also amazing.

Juliette and Jeremy are a trip and a half. I love them. I also loved how in the photo shoot they used a stand-in and it was hilarious that both Tripp and Jeremy thought it was the real Juliette.

Add me to the list of those who like Patrick and Carmelita. I just like Patrick in general. The senate run should be interesting.

Love Brian and his illegitimate son. That son was so adorable. I felt so bad for him but I loved how, in his own way, Brian came around in the end.

I also love Natalie Zea as Karen. She is awesome. I'm so happy she's doing well and getting good buzz from this show. She so deserves it! I wonder how long Daniel Cosgrove will be around as Freddy? I loved his small scene with Nick.

Overall, a very solid second episode. I feel after a semi-rushed premiere, we got to know everyone a bit better and there was more fleshing out of the characters. I just hope the ratings are there.

And was that Blair Underwood's picture as that Simon guy, or whoever was in that photo in the briefcase? If not it sure looked like him ...
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