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Sami reneges on her decision to annul her marriage to Lucas and marry EJ this week on Days of Our Lives - and John pays the consequences.

"Sami sees herself as solely responsible for this," winces Alison Sweeney [Sami]. "She is to blame. She could have prevented this, but she didn't."

John's 'accident' is set in motion when EJ puts pressure on Sami to annul her marriage to Lucas and exchange "I do's" with him. Lucas insists that's not necessary with Andre out of commission, and Stefano near death.

"Sami loves Lucas. She doesn't want to leave him and turn her back on her family," admits Sweeney. "She doesn't want to marry into the DiMera's." So Sami agrees to Lucas's request to wait 24 hours before making her decision - and Lucas gets the Brady's to rally around Sami to help that decision along. "Lucas brings out the big guns; Marlena, John, Bo and Hope. The whole family tells Sami not to sacrifice herself for them," previews Sweeney.

When EJ returns for an update, he faces a stronger Sami. "Sami's feeling the support of her loved ones and realizes she doesn't have to be intimidated by this guy," asserts Sweeney. So EJ leaves her with a threat. "He mentions Will and how he hopes Sami has people watching him," shudders Sweeney. "Sami realizes the threat implied and starts to hesitate again. But her family warns her that marrying EJ won't be the easy answer. Sami will be giving EJ two more hostages [the twins]."

Sami finally sees their side and rips up the annullment papers. Then, she summons EJ and announces her decision... unwittingly interrupting his vengeful plan to mow down Belle. EJ's last ditch confessions of love fall of deaf ears, so "EJ warns Sami that's she going to regret it. She has sealed her fate and the fate of her family. Sami says, 'I'm going to have to learn to live with hearing your threats. Fine. Good luck to you.'

Which proves to be bad luck for her beloved step-father. Seconds after she blows off EJ, Sami's phone rings - it's Marlena, informing her that John was just run down by a speeding car. "Sami puts two and two together and realizes that EJ had something to do with this," cringes Sweeney. "Sami is horrified by what happened and terrified for John."

She should be.
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