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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Oct 4 2007, 09:21 AM
You would first have to like john to care, personally I can hardly wait to see him killed off the show and never return again. I want to see Marlena be redeemed and go back to being shown she is also a mother to sami and eric too, days has so cleveraly tried to hide that fact for years now, acting as though they were barely related. I am so happy to see john go. It is the one thing that motivates me to watch the show on a daily baisis again. I love that sammy is taking the days floor, john has done it for years and its been boring me to tears and onto other soaps. When John comes on screen I want to :puke:

I don't agree that you would have to like John to care. I am not a big John fan and was very much looking forward to his death just for the sake of drama and for the potential it had to give a storyline to Marlena in showcasing her grief, but now I'm really not.

Just as much as this pisses me off as an EJ and EJami fan, this pisses me off as a fan of good storytelling and the fan of DAYS OF OUR LIVES as a whole that apparently a beloved character of 20 years in John Black is nothing more than a bump in the road (pun intended) to Hogan's precious Lumi/EJami triangle.

I mean I can't believe they woke John Black from a coma FOR THIS?!?!

And can someone explain to me what was the point of Santeen again and growing the EJami fanbase this much over the summer (the EJami fansite I belong to has gained about 1400 new members since Sami's wedding to Lucas) if they were just going to send EJ back down this road?

Then again maybe the reason they are having Ali Sweeney interviewed for this and not John because Drake is really gone and they're afraid of what he'll say? Not that that is really any better. But I just hope this is more about John than the article lets on.

If Sami goes into labor at John's funeral I'm going to fucking scream.

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