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Steve Frame
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Sickening. I have such a feeling the John story is going to be all about Sami, but I am starting to sound like a broken record - just like PRGirl. :lol: We know you don't like John. As many of us have said before that is fine. I can't stand Sami and EJ and Lucas and ............. Just as you won't shed a tear when and if John is gone, I wouldn't if they disappeared either.

Back on topic, if they do go to the point of making this a Sami story, any positive the show might gain ratings wise is out the door. It will be just as bad as anything JER did with the undoing of the SSK story. I know some are saying they don't care about the ratings because Days is so good. We GL fans have been saying that for years now. Too bad the networks do care about them. My fear is that if Days and GL both don't pick up soon, both have no chance in hell at being renewed. And whether they are good or not, it's bye bye soaps. Hey I was a big fan of Hill Street Blues. One of the best technical and acted shows in the history of television. NBC was patient with the show because of it's critical acclaim but hey patience ran out on the show long before I would have loved it too because the show just never picked up in ratings.
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