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Viewing Single Post From: SOW: Sami Drives EJ to the Brink!
Steve Frame
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Oct 4 2007, 12:13 PM
Wow, so much speculation, not enough facts. I don't think this should be all about Sami either, but will wait to see it all play out. What else can we do? Quit watching? Not me.

AD, I think there are a lot of the fans who are left that won't quit. They are like the ones of us GL loyalists who stick and keep the show where it is at in the ratings. GL keeps us out of loyalty and out of the fact that they do write about the characters we care about and are attached too. If GL becomes about people I have no attachment too, I would probably wain from it.

With Days there are some like me who have gotten unattached from years of promises not being kept. And this year (the year of Sami) is what finally did it for me.

Anyway I say that to say that the 1.8 viewership that Days has hooked on to is Days new fanbase. They like GL will have fans that float in and out that have carried GL up to 2.1 in the last year, but unfortunately GL did nothing to keep them. They went back to the same old same old.

My point is Days might pull this stunt, and get fans to watch, but if they make it about Sami and not where it should be they have no chance in hell keeping fans who tune in. If it turns to all about Sami they won't give the show a chance they are back out the door. It is the same thing that GH does with their stunts. They get them but then don't keep them because they go back to the same old same old storywise. Most fans don't give a flying fuck about whether the lighting is good or the direction is just perfect. They want stories about people they care about. They want the familiar. And they want compelling drama. If they don't get it especially from a soap opera.

This is from MichaelGL's siggy and I believe it wholeheartedly:

"Whatever the viewer's age, people want to be entertained by compelling stories with characters that they care about. Soaps are one of the only ways on TV where viewers can really get under the skin of a character. We want to know the nitty gritty of their lives, to accept their faults and love them for it, as they're the same faults that we all have."

-John Yorke, former Executive Producer of EastEnders

If they don't care about the characters that are on. And the drama isn't compelling then the viewers will be gone again. And sadly right now there is a big faction of Days fans who are tired of Sami, EJ and Lucas. And they resent them for being there when other characters they love and have loved are not.
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