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After all... tomorrow is another day!

The thing is Steve... this John death and the secrecy surrounding it doesn't even seem like a ratings stunt to me. If it was about that, I could almost understand it, but instead it just appears to me that the show is just trying to make John disappear as quickly and quietly as possible. If it's a money thing that still doesn't explain why they shouldn't make it a huge event and a big fucking story. The only explanation for this is that Hogan just doesn't care.

I mean I just don't understand what Hogan thinks he is accomplishing right now when even the EJ/Sami/Lucas fans who love two out of three of these characters, or all three in some special circumstances, are getting mad as hell and hating the show and tuning out for weeks at a time when the story isn't going their couple's way. I'm not one of them, but there are these people who exist. The show is just so fucking polarized for no fucking reason because it sure isn't for the sake of a good story because Hogan is not giving us that at all.

I mean I'm a die-hard EJami and Sami fan and at this point I would rather see Sami go off on an extended honeymoon with Lucas offscreen than be subjected to the Alex North II story Hogan seems to have in mind for EJ and Sami and Lucas now.

BTW, am I the only one who remembers those rumors floating around DaysCafe or in one of the soap mags where they talked about allegations that someone was trying to sabotage DOOL. Because at this point I'm wondering if this person was Hogan. Maybe ATWT just lent him to us to kill DOOL so once it's cancelled ATWT might be able to pick up some of the DOOL viewers. I mean I know that's ridiculous, but so is Hogan!
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