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Viewing Single Post From: SOW: Sami Drives EJ to the Brink!
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Oct 4 2007, 12:40 PM
I am cool with the Days of Sami's Life, as long as the STORY is good.

The Feud/Santeen was a big flop with me.

I love Sami/Sweeney though. Just make it a good story, DAYS!

I agree, although I do think she needs a break.

The buildup involves Sami but we do not know how the scenes following the accident will unfold. I think it was a pretty safe bet that the accident was going to be in some way Dimera/Sami related so I don't know what is surprising so many people here.

Also, I like EJ but I saw this coming a mile away. Everytime things don't go his way he goes back to the mindset he was trained to have. We started seeing signs today where he mentioned silencing Lucas. Hogan never attempted to change the character. All he did was show how he is when things are going good and he is bonding with Sami and now, when things fall apart and Sami is resisting, he goes back to the EJ of 2006.

Personally, I think they just need to bring EJ back to what he was in Fall 2006. He was nasty but also sexy. You loved to hate him. After the rape, he took a nosedive and this summer I saw signs of him coming out of it. I guess I am in the minority in liking this and actually understanding what they have done with the character. The only mistake I think they made was the rape and his endless torture of Sami.

Another point...if Sami should go into labor at the funeral, I have no problem with that as long as it's after everyone has spoken and so on. We know from Lskreet that people do speak and the whole cast is there so it's likely they make it through the whole thing. If she goes into labor on the way to the cemetery, I have no problem with that because of the whole "life and death" thing. They can consider the twins John's way of saying it's all ok or even name one of twins after him. Maybe Thomas John (a take off on John Thomas)?

Whatever the case, I know I am clearly in the minority so we'll see.
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