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I love how we all hated Jeremy coming on but now some of us hate to see him go :lol: . That is the way it always seems though.

I grew to like Donovon but he isn't needed and I knew it was coming with Ed here now. I expect Marcus to be next and I am quite surprised he wasn't first. He has already been backburnered.

I have a feeling what happens with Stephanie will be dependent on what Darin does next year. His contract is up and, if he bolts, then I think she is a goner. I think that is one reason why Days keeps going back to Max/Stephanie while also not really going full throttle with it. They don't want to build up long-term story for someone who may be leaving. I like Hennig and Brooks so I hope they don't leave. The show needs young characters.

I am very happy about Chloe because that set needs a 4th member and I always liked her under every writer but JER. He turned her into a shallow, whiny, bitch and basically ruined Broe for me. I see potential in going the route of Phloe again or even doing Shawn/Chloe. However, my perfect story for her would be for her to mix it up with Max. I would love to see that.
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