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Kristian is a Double Whammy.Not only is she physically one of the most Beautiful Women I have ever seen,but I feel real Beauty comes from within and thats where she really Shines.-Peter Reckell

When do you feel most Beautiful? After being at the beach all day swimming and then going home and taking a shower.There's just something so Beautiful about all of those connecting moments.Its a huge de-stressor for me."

What do you consider to be your best qualities?

Probably my loyalty and my honesty."

What would you change about your apperance? "My Horrible ugly looking feet!Hello,Barney Rubble here. No matter what I dress them up in,whether it be Manolos or Stuart Weitzman or Chrisitian Louboutin, I don't do the shoes justice.

Your must have makeup item?

Chanel Lipgloss in Blizzard.I love Urban Decay,too.The one I have right know is called Heatherette."

How much Makeup do you not wear when you not on the set?

I have no makeup on.Only moisturizer and sunblock and lip gloss

Biggest Beauty Mistake?

Wearing to much makeup,not drinking enough water and not getting enough rest.They really do go all together.

How do you feel about Plastic Surgery?

Oh My God!Absolutely!Why not?I'm not saying its particular right for me but If I knew 100% Percent that nothing would go wrong,I would probably be one of the first in line.But there is so much risk with Plastic Surgery.

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