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After all... tomorrow is another day!

OK Thursday's episode...

I'm not even to the first commercial break and I'm already finding things I want to post about.

Once again... OLTL gets what daytime is about.

Even though I watched DOOL earlier today and I loved it, there's just something about OLTL that is so much lighter and simpler that I really like. Like it's not trying to be some daytime version of a Shakespearean tragedy but simply trying to be a good soap.

Already not even to the first commercial break and I have seen
-A random shirtless hunk coming out of the shower
-A great Dorian and Lindsay scene with a fantastic daytime diva slap.
-A cute family moment with Todd and Blair and a kid puking
-More buildup for the mystery about Langston's parents
-Romantic handholding between a couple just hanging out on a blanket

OLTL just gets it. With only one day left of this experiment before I move on to my next soap, I'm thinking I might just have to extend my stay in Llanview.
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