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I thought Pushing Daisies was wondrous. Posted Image

The writing is brilliant and darkly funny. Even with the fairy tale-like narration (which I, surprisingly, didn't mind one bit), I didn't find this show overly whimsical at all. I was afraid that it was gonna be like one of those indie movies that tries way too hard to be quirky and unique. Nope, not even. Thank goodness! ;)

The cast is fantastic. Lee Pace is so charming and funny (and hot! LOL) as "The Piemaker;" his dead-pan style is terrific. Anna Friehl is charmer as Chuck, too. I love her. Such great chemistry between those two. Chi McBride and Kristin Chenoweth are awesome on this show, as per usual. I was LMAO when her character said she thought masturbation meant chewing your food. :lol: Oh yeah and it was nice to see Swoosie Kurtz on TV again.

The first thing I was struck by, though, was how spectacular this show is visually/stylistically. My God, those colors! So deliciously bold, vivid and beautiful. I loved the way it was shot; it had a very cinematic feel (reminded me a lot of Amélie, in fact). The narration adds a lot that cinematic feel, as well. The shot of Young Ned and Young Chuck walking toward each other from his mother and her father's funerals (to share their first kiss), with the big setting sun in between them, had me all choked up; it was so beautiful. *sigh* The overhead view of Chuck and Ned laying there longingly touching the wall that separated them was sweet, too. And what about when those two held their own hands because they couldn't hold each other's? I am totally enchanted by this pairing already. :wub:

I'm really happy to hear that the pilot did well in the ratings because this is one of the few new shows that I am truly excited about this season. Pushing Daisies is wonderfully unique and completely engrossing, IMO. I can't wait to see the next episode. I think I'll go watch the first one again right now. :)
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