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Oct 4 2007, 11:19 AM
Glad to see that Will's back ... Does he DRIVE yet?

My theory - since Bryan D's up coming SOD article mentions that Lucas is going to be sleeping alone ... which suggests that SAMI and EJ do infact get married but with all the speculation due to the now out SOD and SOW articles about "who hit John" and the SOW article points to EJ ... and EJ is evidently near by because he was trailing Belle.... Perhaps EJ is the witness to the Hit and Run ... perhaps it is WILL who hits John .... and EJ as the witness tells Sami it was Will and if she wants to keep Will out of Jail for hit and run and keep the secret - she must Marry him!

I love your theory. I totally think you are on to something. What a great storyline if they do decide to go with this. On today's show... Will says that he had to take his drivers test with some guy named Lars...and he was upset cause it should have been Lucas. Sooooo I think you are definitely on to something here.

BTW - they do show all of the car accident...there are several pics online that detail the shots that they are doing.
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