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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Oct 5 2007, 09:08 AM
Oct 5 2007, 01:55 AM
I was so grossed out that I turned the channel in disgust.  Does anyone even care about Sami's babies?  She and EJ and Lucas don't.  Neither does anyone else.  I think she could just drop them on the sidewalk and walk off ignoring them and no one would even care, certainly not Sami, EJ or Lucas.  They are too involved with their silly schemes.

Does anyone really believe that the Cheatin' Heart is a college hangout?  How ludricous.  Where is the cheese board, the apples, the things that college kids hangout with and the study tables, etc.  Pool????  Beer?????  Not around here.

As a college student myself and big social drinker, little bars such as the Cheatin' Heart in Salem are similair to real life college hangouts, at least here at Uni of Tennessee. Plus I have been to 4 universities(don't ask) and 3 of them had huge hangouts in little rinky dink bars. ;)

I agree.

The bars that I frequented in college (at Univ. of Illinois) had no study tables or apples and I have no idea what a cheese board is. :shrug: I can't say I never studied in a bar, or at least brought homework there, but even in those instances it was a bar that had a pool table and a place where I would drink beer because those were actually generally the calmer bars on campus. LOL.

I thought it was fine for a college kids hangout, even if the Cheatin Heart was not that in the past and even if I think the red light is distracting as a viewer. Oh I dislike that red light. I just wanna sing... Adrienne, you don't have to put on a red light.
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