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After all... tomorrow is another day!

OK this wasn't a bad episode per se, but not as good as the rest of the week and there were some LOL moments at the things that were bad.

OMG... Lucas actually didn't use Will to make Sami feel worse about what she was doing to their family so as to guilt her into being with him and actually supported her lies to their son for her sake and postponed their argument til he was gone so they could hash out their differences like adults without Will around. Who is this guy? I like him. A LOT. Way to stand up for yourself and I fully support you walking out on Sami right now. She is being super selfish expecting you to wait for her. You aren't making any claims about what Sami is doing to you in this episode Lucas and you aren't trying to pretend like you are the victim and you aren't whining, you are just being straight with Sami about how ridiculous she is being and calling her on her crap. Thank you, Lucas! LOL at "I didn't want to interrupt." And Sami is so self-absorbed and delusional thinking Lucas's mistrust of her is so off-base and unacceptable when Sami is the one who chooses to spend time with EJ and she is the one who chooses to lie to Lucas about things like the fact that EJ kissed her. Please let that be the Lumi kiss of death at the end of the episode.

And Will? I know the kid has been gone the whole summer but what an incredibly unrealistic most nonchalant reaction ever to his parents getting divorced and his mom marrying a guy that she claims to hate who she used to date and who Will had once worked really hard with his father to cockblock when he tried to put his moves on his mother before. Maybe Will is just too wrapped up in his teenage life to care? Or are we supposed to think Will in the back of his mind is excited about the prospect of Sami marrying EJ because he's thinking about the X-Box and cash that EJ gave him to try to win him over last spring so he is excited about having a rich step-dad he can manipulate into giving him stuff?

Ugh at the line from Adrienne to Belle about what else would you want from a man than that he could protect you and keep you safe? We get it DOOL! You think women = weak, stupid, fickle, crazy and men = strong, smart, true, in control. You really don't have to hit us over the head with this every episode. You just don't.

That said, I liked the Adrienne-Kayla stuff and I liked the Belle-Phillip stuff. Just when I think I've got Phelle totally out of my system they just have to give me a cute Phelle scene showcasing JKJ's dimples and I'm drawn back into these two all over again. Loved Belle's pep talk for Phillip.

Dear Ed Scott, I love everything you have brought to DOOL. That is everything except the red light at the Cheatin Heart that puts the distracting rosey tint on everything. As I said here earlier... I just wanna sing Adrienne... you don't have to put on a red light.

What was the point of Lauren again? Why is she so crazy? Why is she back in Salem? Will we ever know who poisoned Pocket and why? Was it Andre? Never mind, I don't care because she kicked Shawn's ass by shoving him into that wall. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. Sorry, Shawn getting the crap kicked out of him by middle-aged men and 100-pound women never gets old for me. Ugh but now we have the resurgence of roid rage Phillip who must be jealous that Shawn got a chance to rough up Lauren so now it's his turn. These boys must miss Willow real bad. Wow Lauren's tumble down the stairs was really done well from a production standpoint.

The highlight of today was definitely the Kayla-Stefano showdown. Kayla really had a lot of interesting things to say today talking about what a messed up father Stefano was in making Andre a monster and screwing up Benjy by making him so scared of him and desperate for his approval. But Kayla that's pretty dumb of you to go bragging about how you almost pulled the plug on Stefano when you were in Italy. Guess you didn't learn the lesson the last time you threw that in a DiMera's face. Sorry, Bradys, it's hard for me to feel bad for you when the DiMeras do crap to you when you are just so damn smug about your ineffectualness, excuse me, righteousness. I love that Stefano just laughed at her and the angry piano music they played.

Today's Great Moments in DOOL Continuity Idiocy:
-How did Bo have a flashback to what was happening at the pub when he wasn't there? LOL. That has to be the funniest post-JER flashback by far, if not the funniest DOOL flashback I can ever remember. They really couldn't come up with any better filler than THAT?
-Why is Shawn still in the hospital with his back burn thing from a day or two ago when Lucas was shot in the leg and doesn't even have crutches or a limp that I can tell and Steve was already released from his treatment for the stabbing?

Overall a generally good week, an OK cliffhanger if only a meh Friday episode. Looking forward to another thrilling week next week.
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