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#1 Fan of Daytime Psychos!

All My Children: C+

I haven't watched reguarly since B&E took over because the show has gotten so boring. Although, they have worked out an intriguing story with Annie's family, so they deserve points for that. But Greenlee overload = major deduction.

As The World Turns: B+

Love basically all of the stories, but some days seem way too slow and boring.

Bold and the Beautiful: B

Bradley Bell is a very hit/miss writer. One minute, I'm loving B&B and one minute it's boring me to tears.

Days of our Lives: F-

I detest Hogan Sheffer and everything he's written...

General Hospital: B-

Compelling stories, but a lack of variety in characters really turns me off sometimes. Guza needs to start focusing less on Jason and more on the other Q's.

One Life to Live: A+

Ron Carlivati is amazing so far. I love everything he's doing with the show and can't wait to see what's up his sleeve for the future!

Passions: A+ (pre-DTV)

Haven't seen it since the cross-over, but I miss it so much. And I loved it more than ANY other soap. That has everything to do with the amazing James E. Reilly.

Y&R: A

LML is a good writer as far as I'm concerned. She keeps me watching daily and I'm rarely bored with every story.
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