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I cannot believe that Will wouldn't have freaked out at the big, fat, pregnant mother saying the things she was saying and not say anything at all jokingly about how he didn't expect to see such a lopsided mom and how are the babies.....terribly neglectful. I totally hated that whole scene and got really uptight about his mentioning learning to drive which was so out of place. And, Lucas not getting into with him about the car and getting his license, etc. Just grossly stuck in there without much thought except to get the "learned to drive" part in.

Stefano simply is the best or rather Joe has made his character head and shoulders above the rest...imho of course. I love him more and more.

I am pleased that the closure to the Tyler/Philip story is nearly here. Poor Lauren. I do believe she could have played a great part with Philip instead of bringing in Chloe who is so selfish she'd freak at having to tend a baby or even take second place to a baby. JKJ is disappointing at times as Philip. He has a loose screw in him that Kyle Brandt's Philip didn't have and that bothers me.

Belle studying at the Cheatin' Heart was so funny, I just burst out laughing. This is the most ludricous place to see anyone studying period. Throwing darts and seeing who can outdrink the next, that is what you see at Cheatin' Heart. They need to revamp it if it's to be the teen hangout. I live less that a quarter of a mile from a University and can tell you, nothing remotely like this is a college kid hangout. Actually, I don't see them hanging out anywhere except places to eat. Most of their social life must be on campus. I think our city has an ordinance that places that sell alcohol have to be so far from schools etc. We are pretty conservative-minded folk. I went to a Baptist University which was quite different than a state university. I think Salem U would be more conservative.
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