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I agree with a lot of what Jean said. I could only watch a bit of the Lucas/Sami/Will scenes. Part of me wished he had stayed in Europe.

While Belle studying at a bar was odd, I know myself I have studied and graded papers (I teach elementary school) in odd places if I had ten minutes to kill while waiting for someone or something. If she was sitting there for hours it would be weird but a few minutes isn't that different.

Agree too with Jean that they should have kept Lauren around for Philip instead of bringing Chloe back. But I have to disagree that I like the different Philip JKJ brings. He is able to walk that fine line of being normal and crazy very carefully. I actually think he brings more depth to the character of Philip that was missing before. The whole watch getting caught in Belle's hair, while I think it was an accident, Philip so perfectly brought it out to use as a way to make Belle feel guilty.

I think Philip has two sides where he can be very angry/violent while there is another side that can be caring. We just see the peeks of the violence and at some point it is going to all come out. I think if they deal with this aspect of Philip's character because I think it could be an interesting story as to how he got this way (his upbringing, things that happened at war, etc).
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