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Steve Frame
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Oct 6 2007, 02:49 PM
Oct 6 2007, 09:30 AM

This just all boils down to writers not wanting to write for them anymore.

I kind of don't blame them. :shrug:

It's hard to write for vets, especially DAYS' vets.

Sadly though until they do I don't see much hope for soaps at all as a whole. The only reason that Y&R has managed to stay above the 4.0 mark is because Latham with all her faults still writes for the vets. The reason that OLTL is now making a resurgence is because Carvilati is putting the veteran characters of Lindsey, Nora, Marcie, Michael, Dorian and Bo back in the forefront. The ratings are stirring a little but they haven't at least fallen like Days and AMC and others like ATWT.

Blame them or not. Let them not want too whatever. Fans are speaking all the time that they want stories about characters they know and love. GH's ratings surges in sweeps months are more to do about balance than the stunt. They are the only months that some of the characters get front and center. People tune in to see that. People tune in to see the returns of characters they love because the rest of the year they get tired of Sonny, Jason, Spinelli, etc.

Guza and Frons as well as the other writers are clueless as to what viewers want. Fans have been telling Corday and Hogan all year what they want but they rank right up there in the clue department with Frons and Guza and the rest of the hacks running daytime right now.

I find it weird that Kreizman and Latham who are deemed by many as the "WORST" writers in daytime can come up with stories for their vets, giving fans what they want and the other writers who are deemed "BETTER" can't.

Fans have proven many times with soaps that even a lesser interesting or grade story about a character they love will get better ratings than a top notch story about a character they don't care about. It is what has kept soaps alive for years. The plans adopted in the last few years is what is killing them.
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