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Oct 6 2007, 03:19 PM
Well, I don't think fans of OLTL's vets are nearly as rabid, fickle, or stubborn as fans of DAYS' vets. Nora and Lindsey can commit murder or get raped or get a disease, and it's fine.

If Marlena got a disease or Hope got raped or John slept around like OLTL's Bo does or had as many wives as him, then DAYS fans would not like that either.


Days fanbases are fickle, and Days can never do something right no matter if we have JER, Hogan Sheffer, Ed Scott, or anyone else being the major head honchos leading the show.

No one can make the fanbases happy anymore. Say what you will, even if somehow William J. Bell rose from the grave and wrote Days the fanbases would not be happy.

Hogan should write way more for the vets, and if Corday is interfereing or something he needs to tell him to back off, because with the current state he can do that since Corday is running out of people to bring in to help Days. But I have a feeling no matter what storyline Hogan put the vets in they would not be happy. It's been that way for years and is one of the critical thing that tears Days apart.

I am not saying Hogan is not at fault somewhat, because he is, but still it seems like no one can make the fanbases happy.
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