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Steve Frame
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I agree King, but again as I have said before Days is as much at fault for that as the fan bases. Days created them, heralded them, and for years proclaimed itself the supercouple show. They have lived off this "destined to be together" theme for so long.

And even still to this day knowing the damage it is done (at least I hope they know) they still are harboring it. Hogan keeps playing on the fan base thing and instead of writing acknowledges the damn fanbases. He keeps in his interviews pitting the Lumi fanbase against the EJami fanbase.

The way that Days does this from time to time, it makes me wonder if Days didn't do the comforter thing just to stir up publicity and hopefully use the Payla/Jarlena feud to stir up publicity for the show. They sure are loving pitting the Lumi/EJami's against one another.

yes the fanbases are wrong for not allowing the characters and couples to grow and expand, but Days has preached for so many years that the "couples are destined to be" and creating this formula. That formula for quite some time now has been the Big 4 and now all of a sudden they want to abandon the formula they have sold to fans for at least 20 years now. And expect the fanbases they created and have used to buy it in one big gulp.

It has spelled disaster for the show.
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