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Oct 6 2007, 02:49 PM
Oct 6 2007, 09:30 AM

This just all boils down to writers not wanting to write for them anymore.

I kind of don't blame them. :shrug:

It's hard to write for vets, especially DAYS' vets.

this is so true. and one of the main reasons it is hard to write for days vets is the dang fans who wont let things be mixed around a little..

put bo with another woman..all hell breaks loose

put hope with another man..ditto

break up steve and kayla with billie (interesting dymnamic i thought ) double ditto

hope was never more interesting than when she was the princess gina person..

john with kate? it was hot, but it drove the jarlena ones crazy

then of course..here comes the lumi train..the only one that we may get to see wrecked in a way that will entertain..

so i wish john could stay, but i am still a bring back izzy or move him onto kate person.
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