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Great column as always Mary. You're right, Days is having an identity crisis. Right now, despite some things that drive me nuts about the show, I'm finding Days far more enjoyable to watch than I have in years. I also feel like it is a fascinating time in the show's history to watch because I feel like the TPTB are at a crossroads right at this moment. Are they shifting the way this soap is written and presented? Or are they planning to go back to the tried and true and, in my pov, stale? Or will they try to straddle the fence, thereby pleasing no one, in same the way they have with the fanbase wars?

Are they going to start taking some real risks on this show in order to save it?

In the next two weeks, I think we're going to see exactly what road they are going to choose. Although I would be happy to see Days take a harder edged, riskier path in storylines and storytelling, I tend to believe they will not have the guts to follow through on something gutsy, because I've never seen them do much risky in the entire time I've watched the show.

I personally wish that they would.
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