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But the problem with Billie and Steve or Kate and John was not that the pairing weren't hot. Rather, it was that we knew that Kate and Billie were just devices to You get in the way of the main couples, S/K and J/M respectively. There was NEVER any question of that. So of course fans cried out because it was a waste of a story and a waste of time. I was pissed with J/K b/c it amounted to nothing, was never intended to amount to anything and worst of all, had absolutely no consequences or effect on J/M. In the end, it was all filler.

A smart writer, nix that, a ballsy writer will take risks and make them count. If the writers had intended to break up Bo and Hope ever they'd better make it one hell of a story that made sense and was not some contrived plot device. Same for all the other super couples. That is why Reilly will go down in history as the worst writer of all time - he was lazy and only wrote contrived filler for popular couples.

I hope Drake isn't off the cast. But if he's gone I hope that they make this a banner story and take these risks. Calculate them and make them matter.
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