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Jate had great potential in the beginning but JER fucked that up during the drug addict story.

Steve/Billie could've been great if it hadn't come during a time of transition and when Steve/Kayla fans wanted to delve into his past and for him to get his memory back. I will give Steve and Kayla fans credit because they stuck it out and the venom was at a reasonable level.

Here is the problem, though. Even if Days tells a great story to break up a couple, the fanbases will still bitch to high heaven. The couple can't do this and can't do that. God forbid they have an argument. That could lead to a boycott. They are far too fickle and that is why Ed needs to push the show to take risks and to attract more general fans and new fans. Yes, the core fans, many of whom are lost, are important but we need compelling drama and stories. Days did create them but the internet age has turned them into a show-eating monster, moreso on Days then any other. It's gotten so bad since 1997 that any writer that comes to Days should be given an instructional lesson on how to deal with writing Days.

It's gotta change. The fanbases can't rule the show. It's time for a new era starting now. Compelling drama over fanbase pandering. That is the only way Days is going to make it. If they lose more longtime fans, so be it. It may sound harsh but it's the way they have to go IMO.
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