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Viewing Single Post From: Strike Fears Rise As TV Writer Talks Lag

Mason AKA Hogan
Oct 7 2007, 01:56 AM
JSF, if you're a writer and want to get work (especially on TV), you pretty much HAVE to be in the union.

Well, that's a crying shame. I mean, I'm okay with the joining part. But FINING someone for not striking?! That's taking away their freedom of choice! And that is FUCKING wrong. I'm PISSED now. This is going to bother me for the greater part of the night. To think, JER might feel forced to leave "Passions" just so he doesn't fall out of the union's good graces.

THAT is messed up.

They've forgotten that writing, if true, is organic, creative... an expression of oneself... and creativity should NEVER be restrained. It should NEVER be legislated. Especially by a union that (one would think), at its very nature, CELEBRATES the craft.

THis is all too oxymoronic. IT's ridiculous. It is EVIL.
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