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Viewing Single Post From: Strike Fears Rise As TV Writer Talks Lag
I don't see it affecting B&B and PASSIONS. Brad Bell is not only HW, but Executive Producer as well. There's no way he is going to let a HW scab disrupt the overall ebb and flow of B&B.

Reilly is also Consulting Producer of PASSIONS and Lisa Hesser(DeCalzone or whatever the hell her name is) is such a yes woman, she will force them to comply.

Everyone else appears to be fucked though.

Daytime totally can't survive a writer's strike. Back in '88, although a lot of effed up things happened(Jesse getting killed off on AMC), at least the shows were halfway decent. Watching AW reruns, you'd barely be able to tell the strike was happening, because the actors were REALLY good and the writing was great. We're in an era of soap opera right now where even the people in charge have no respect for the genre. I could totally see a Y&R situation where Gloria becomes possessed by the devil or something weird like that because the tone for soaps in this decade has been set by flash, trash, and more trash.

If the union is negotiating for more in royalties and more in pay, not only could that affect the already skimpy budget for soap productions, but if the deal for this also dates back decades, it will probably be even harder for SOAPnet to keep RYAN'S HOPE and forget about seeing any other cancelled daytime soap on the network.

Although I must admit...I'd love to be a scab.
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