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B&B - A+

The show has been absolutely fantastic lately! Donna, Thorne and Eric finally have interesting storylines and Brooke and Ridge no longer dominate the show. It's nice being able to tune in and see so many different characters working in a storyline. Loving the new rivalry between Ashley and Brooke. Ashley was so nice to her and has no baggage like Taylor, so it really makes Brooke look bad. Hope to see more of this fabulous triangle!

BTW Steve, I have to disagree about Brooke's rape not having lasting impact. She's still being severely haunted by her rapist, breaking down at the Brooke's Bedroom fashion show, seeing her rapist at Big Bear, etc. Now they even have her going to see a therapist. Her going back to Ridge is very logical considering he helped her through the rape and she needs a man by her side. It doesn't bother me because it seems clear he's going to be with Ashley. If anyone should be worried about Brooke, it's Taylor!

I think some people don't give B&B a fair shot based on what Brad Bell did ages ago. The show has made a huge turnaround lately and is telling new, fresher storylines involving more characters.

Y&R - C

The writing is still piss poor and LML has gotten to the point where she is repeating her own stories. They're obviously trying to recreate the Colleen/Adrian story with Lily/Cane. Only it doesn't work because Lily acts like she's 12 and Cane is a mature adult. Snorboria and JT are the most boring couple in the history of this show. Ji Min's poorly planned and executed murder is a copy of Carmen, from this time last year. The only positive is Jess Walton's performances, although she had to fight through bad editing and writing. Just as she hit a moment, they'd cut the scene. Would love to have seen what she could do with good writing.

The Jack/Phyllis/Nick/Sharon story makes no sense. First Nick has amnesia, now they've forgotten. First he loves Sharon, then he loves Phyllis and has no feelings for Sharon. Jack is being a whiney bitch. Hate it!

I also think this jack is the devil stuff is getting old. He bought back his fathers company and everyone acts like he's a killer! GMAFB! It makes me sick to see them destroy a legendary Y&R family to prop Gloria and the Fisher's. We should've known about the skin cream by now and Jack should be vindicated. Unfortunately, I doubt it'll ever be revealed and Jack won't get the apologizes he deserves.
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