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My choices were B&E, JP, LML, Guza, and JER.

JER....okay he is good for Passions I'll admit but after eight years he gets TIRESOME. Every story is painfully slow and doesn't do a thing.

JP...obvious reasons.

LML can't write in Daytime. She needs to go back to primetime.

Guza loves the mob so much it confuses me. He has got to go.

B&E honestly to me have done nothing different than Mctavish. AMC is STILL unwatchable to me.

In my book, Sheffer still has a chance, and Ron for OLTL seems pretty good. Unsure about David Kreizman.

But I do think Daytime needs NEW WRITERS. Not bringing back old writers of the past, but fresh blood. That does not mean bring people who wrote primetime either. I mean new aspiring soap opera writers.
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