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Steve Frame
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The Results:

Well my October Challenge officially ended tonight. I know October isn't over but I have had so much free time today that I finished my challenge. I have officially watched 1 full week of all 9 shows and didn't fast forward anything for that 1 full week.

Here is what I am basing these results on for each show:

AMC - 1 week plus 2 episodes from last week
ATWT - 1 week (this one)
B&B - 1 week (this last one)
Days - the last week of September and 2 and a half episodes of this week
GH - 1 week (this one) plus 2 eppys from last week
GL - 1 week
OLTL - 1 week plus 2 eppys from last week
Y&R - 1 week

The CBS shows I watch live every day. ATWT gets cut short this week some as I found myself switching channels, but I can still do this with them safely since for the last few months I have watched all of ATWT.

So here goes:


Rankings for Acting: 1) OLTL, 2) Y&R, 3) ATWT, 4) Days, 5) GL, 6) GH, 7) AMC, 8) B&B

OLTL just overall even with some weaknesses just blew me away during this time period with performances. They had a few weaknesses but the principals like St. John, Brier, Marston, Strasser, Hickland and even Easton just blew me away in the last 7 eppys.

B&B had some wonderful performances by women during the time period. But B&B's actors just pull the show down overall. Their stronger actors just weren't featured enough in this time frame to help the grade.

Other notables that blew me away from the shows: Maura West (ATWT), Jess Walton, Jeanne Cooper, Peter Bergman, Melody Scott, & Judith Chapman (Y&R), Stephen Nichols, Bryan Dattilo, & Lauren Koslow (Days), Gina Tognoni (GL), Rebecca Herbst (GH), David Canary (AMC), & Katherine Kelly Lang (B&B)


Rankings for Stories (which had stories featured during that time that make me want to tune in again): 1) OLTL, 2) Y&R, 3) GL, 4) GH, 5) B&B, 6) ATWT, 7) AMC, 8) Days

OLTL is a show that has pretty much been off my list for awhile now. I have been taping but like Days recently just wasn't interested in watching much. Boy do I regret that. OLTL is the one even above the shows that I normally watch that has me glued right now. I want to find out what happens to Lindsey. I want to know who gets Tommy and what happens to him after that. I want to know what Jared is up to? I want to know what is going to happen to Langston.

Days right now is a technically wonderful show but in the 7 and a half shows that I watched I marvelled at the acting. I marvelled at the lighting and the changes in the show. But at the same time nothing about the stories grabbed me. That has been the problem for so long now. I could give a flying fuck if Sami divorces Lucas. I definitely don't want to tune in to see her married to her rapist. Nick with the kids is cute, but I could care less what happens to them. I don't know them. Why should I care? I could definitely care less if Stephanie & Chelsea get into the sorority or not? I didn't care at all that Lauren got killed. I hardly knew her.

Other notable stories and notes. I will say that the recent spoiler I read about ATWT influenced my vote here for the show and severely handicapped the grade. If I didn't know what was going to happen in Luke's story and Carly's story, the show would have been ranked higher. But I do know what is going to happen. And I could care less now.

Stories that I am interested in from the shows: Daisy's pregnancy & Alan and Reva's secret (GL); Ji Min's murder <because of Jill and Kay and Jack> (Y&R); Eric & Donna <which shocked me> (B&B); what Trevor Lansing is up to & the Scott/Logan relationship (GH); Richie/Wes & his connections to Annie <more because of the character than the actual story though> (AMC)


Rankings for shows based on overall technical, direction, look, sets & acting:

1) Y&R, 2) Days, 3) OLTL, 4) GH, 5) ATWT, 6) B&B, 7) AMC, 8) GL


Rankings for the shows (based purely on how much I enjoyed watching them)

1) OLTL, 2) Y&R, 3) GL, 4) ATWT, 5) B&B, 6) GH, 7) AMC, 8) Days

As Mary said, "OLTL just gets what a soap is about right now." - that is the jest of her quote anyway. LOL

OLTL had angst, it had passion, it had romance, it had family moments, it had fun...... it was just pure enjoyment watching it. And that is something that I have not been able to do with OLTL in a long time. It was about people that I cared about and knew even though I have not watched in awhile. It was like sitting down and catching up with a familiar old friend that I had not seen in awhile.

AMC, Days, and OLTL all shared one thing in common when I started this - more than any of the 8 current shows, I felt disconnected from all 3 of these shows. The other 5 I have had an off again/on again relationship for most of 2005. I have missed a lot of watching them in 2007 but not as much as I have AMC, OLTL, and Days.

With those 3 shows there have been large portions of 2007 where I might watch a total of 1 episode a week by the time I fast forwarded through the stuff I cared nothing about. So I have been so disconnected from them. Also it had been 4 weeks since I had even watched any of the 3 at all. I just had no desire too. So I sat down with these 3 on equal ground.

When it was all said and done, OLTL was the only one that made me feel like I was catching up with an old friend I had seen for awhile. And that is a big plus in my eyes. That is the way a soap opera should make a lapsed viewer feel when they tune back in. It should make them wonder how we drifted apart and not even really remember why. It should intrigue you into wanting to know what these old friends have been up too. That is what OLTL did for me.

So I declare OLTL the big winner of my October Challenge.

I will continue to check in on Days & AMC but right now they have to be declared the losers because neither really intrigued me enough to want to start back watching.
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