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Holden was way harsh, but since when has Holden been written well in the last 10 years or so. Not very often. I miss Rose more and more. Lily just does not belong in these kinds of stories, and they could have made the whole thing better.

Luke being held at gunpoint, Mayer threatening him, Noah trying to save him, etc. Instead Luke falls out of camera range and gets shot at (I still don't know if he was hit), and then Bob wheels him off to surgery. If I didn't love the characters, I would have been laughing at the screen. It was that bad.

I feel sad for Noah though, no mom, dad's crazy, and now the first boy he let himself love has been attacked becasue he loves him. There could be some great stuff there if this was written by the GH writing team from 1994. Labine's team could have made this one magical, even with the stupid shooting.

Love that Carly though, even dying she wants her G-Man.
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