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Oct 8 2007, 02:05 PM
OK I loved loved loved the EJ and Sami and EJ/Tony and Sami/Hope scenes today.

Oh if DOOL is teasing me with these scenes of their delectable bickerflirting but isn't actually planning to let EJ and Sami have this marriage of convenience I am going to have go Trandre and/or Clowndre on their asses. The scene with Sami mopping over his feet and making the crack about Santo pushing their beds together and warning him that he will wish he was dead once he is married to her, while at the same time Sami is being so clearly in denial about her feelings for EJ, just had me jumping for joy getting the chance to see the spunky spitfire Sami I know and love. And after once again we had flashes of the entitled, self-indulgent EJ who doesn't know when to quit and has no use for pretenses of propriety in already talking about sharing a bed with Sami yet finally to Tony admitted he's done things he's ashamed of and demonstrated that remorse with the promise that he would honor Sami's request that they lie to Stefano about the state of their marriage because he loves her and wants to make things easy on her... mmmmmm that's some soapy goodness. I will never get tired of seeing Sami bend EJ to her will. Oh and that kiss on the cheek and the look back as he exited the kitchen as they played the Santeen theme? *SWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON*

The rest was kind of blah. Poor Lauren. Why was she so crazy again? If she wanted money then why did she run away when Phillip tried to give it to her? And why did she come back to Salem and why was she in the hospital? I just don't get it. Oh and the death scene... Ugh Phillip's comment right before she died of him thinking only of himself and how he wouldn't be able to find Tyler was so disgustingly selfish. I mean I know she's a woman so DOOL doesn't think anyone should have any compassion for her, but wow that whole thing was just so cold and I didn't think they could get colder than the reaction they had to Willow's death. At least in that instance you had someone blaming themselves for her death and a little sadness for her. But this case? It was just all about how her death affected them finding Tyler? And on a random note... I wish they could show Brandon Beemer shirtless in scenes besides him being on his back in a hospital bed. Because that rack is just distracting. Seriously.

p.s. Files "under the wheels of the DiMera killing machine" and Sami's comments about how she'll not be able to forgive herself if one more person dies in my memory bank.

just for my own info..what brady has been killed by a dimera?

kidnapped, yes..made to carry children..yes..but i cannot think of a single brady killed off by a dimera.

and i am in agreement about the coldness towards laurens death..

now would we ever see lucas exhibit any sense of sacrifice as ej has done..has he ever done anything like confessing his part in francos death to save her?

ej has remorse for his actions...lucas actions have always been swept under the rug.

the ejami story must be told if there is going to be any stories for all the people on days
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