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Oct 8 2007, 04:24 PM

The sad thing is that probably not on this board but you will see it on other boards. This will be heralded as one of the best shows ever on ATWT because of Luke/Noah. Sad.

Wow! how offensive is that comment <_<

I thought is was a pretty good show, hardly the best show ever because of Luke and Noah, though it was nice to see Noah finally get some more meaty scenes than what he had been getting before, were the scenes cheesy hell yes, but they were still good enough that I felt the pain of Noah, when he pretty much said he had nobody left, that was a standout scene in the show. The stuff in the woods was laughable at times because it was not done really well, the actors did ok with it, but the writing did suck during that. As for Carly and Jack those scenes were good also, I am still viewing it as what I am seeing today instead of going by what the spoilers indicate at a later point. More than ever I think Katie is useless. I thought the idea of having the guest star on today's show was stupid, it did not fit at all.
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