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Sharongate, bitches!

Oct 8 2007, 05:02 PM
For some Luke and Noah could be on reading the phone book and it would be a great show.

I notice that too, Steve, which is why I typically avoid most ATWT discussions.

I mean, it's ok to bash Carly, Jack, Katie, Lily, Holden, Dusty, Alison, Emily, Paul, Meg, Craig, Rosanna, Gwen, Will, and Maddie. However, God forbid you direct the same negativity towards Luke and Noah, no matter how horribly written and executed their scenes might be. I'm not speaking about all Luke and Noah fans, but there are a few who will chew you alive if you in some way berate their scenes. I don't think that's fair at all.

Also, I hate it when some posters say stuff like, "Luke and Noah will be on this week, so I know for sure ATWT is going to be GREAT." Um, seriously, what the fuck gives? Just because a certain couple is on, that does not improve the overall quality of the show. I hate it how soap audiences particularly have grown accustom to looking at shows for couples, instead of compelling stories and single characters. This show will not survive on one couple alone. It's everyone's prerogative to like whatever storyline they like, but please, they shouldn't generalize. Just because Luke and Noah are on, that doesn't make the show any less good or bad. Again, I'm not saying this is true for all Nuke fans, so please, don't think I'm generalizing.
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