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Oct 8 2007, 06:50 PM
Today's show was directed by Michael Eilbaum. Peter Brash was listed with the BDW's today so I can safely assume that he outlined the script. The script was written by Richard Culliton.
These three gentlemen I consider three of the best at what they do.

AND today was not good!!!

As I have said before,J.J.'s telling off the stepmother was the best part of today's show.

We As the World Turns fans have been able to discuss our show thoughtfully and intelligently in the past. With the exception of that individual at SON who got banned we all get along. Not like other shows where moderators have had to step in and warn and lock a thread like has happened at SON.

Everybody should be able to express their views everyday if they want to do so and not have to stop posting all together. That happened with me at SON.Didn't think it would happen to anybody over here!

ATWT has one of the best casts around.It is a shame they don't use them to their best potential.The history of this show is amazing but it isn't explored to its' potential,the vets are the best and it is a shame they are not used.
I have stuck through for almost 40 years because I know the show may go in to slumps but it always turns around again.
I am a CarJack fan and a Lilden fan and if they were gone tomorrow I would still watch because one couple doesn't make or break this show for me.It would be a sad thing if I only tuned in for CarJack and Lilden!

I am an ATWT fan!

I never liked Michael Eilbaum's directing. I dont think he is that good. I agree about Brash and Culltion. Brash is new to ATWT but I have enjoyed most of his scripts. There was so much missing from today's show. It was too choppy. I think it would have been better not to have had a location shoot. They have had 3 recently and none of them have been that spectacular. Oh and there is a post at SON saying ATWT is only on contract tlll Sept 2008. So that might be the end for the show.
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