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Oct 8 2007, 05:02 PM
Oct 8 2007, 04:55 PM
Oct 8 2007, 04:24 PM

The sad thing is that probably not on this board but you will see it on other boards. This will be heralded as one of the best shows ever on ATWT because of Luke/Noah. Sad.

Wow! how offense is that comment <_<


Why is it so offensive?

I have always lived by the motto of calling a show bad when it was bad. And today's was bad, but I knew before I went to any boards what it was going to be.

I find it funny that it is now offensive when it applies to Luke/Noah, but a few months ago some of these same fans (not you in particular that I remember anyway) were saying the same things to the Willen fans.

ATWT would have some terrible terrible shows esp. during the last Gwen story but the Willen fans would say it was so good just because Willen was on or because Gwen was on.

Well now many of the Nuke fans are doing the same damn thing, but get offended when the subject is brought up.

Today was a bad show and I will call it that. Friday was so good with wonderful build up and then today was terrible and I am not afraid to call it that because it was. The direction was bad. The execution of the whole thing was bad. Just like the other poster pointed out you never even knew if Luke was shot or not. It was poorly done from every stand point and not just the writing.

Yes the acting was good, but with ATWT the actors are always good.

Sorry if it is offensive to you as a Nuke fan, but it is the truth. And notice that I did not say all Nuke fans would do it but some. And I have already seen it.

For some Luke and Noah could be on reading the phone book and it would be a great show.

Sorry about getting so defensive there, I guess I just took your comment the wrong way. I in no way have a problem with you or anyone telling it like is, as I do the same thing.

I think the main reason why alot of Luke and Noah fans seem to like every show(though there have been some they have not liked at all) is because they are not on very much and they enjoy when they get the chance to see them, plus alot of people are just plain scared that PGP could end the storyline at any minute, so alot of them just take what they can get.

From what I can tell today's show has been highly criticized by alot of Luke and Noah fans, sure some liked it, but I don't think alot of them thought it was great today, as like everyone has been saying it was a huge letdown, hell they could not even afford to show us Luke falling, it is pretty bad when they can't even afford a body double for a stunt.

Again sorry I got so defensive.
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