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If there was anything tender and loving about EJ, he would tell his father to buzz off and leave Sami alone. If he had a moral fiber, he would never try to seperate a married woman from her husband and her having his (her husbands) babies at that. EJ is bad to the bone. Obviously, I strongly disagree with those who think he is fine.

Philip was so tender with Lauren. It breaks my heart that the writers killed her off instead of pairing those two. They would have worked so well together. I loved the way Philip was consoling her and telling her that he knew she loved Tyler and that she took good care of him. I loved how he held her hand and she clung to him and kept eye contact with him. I loved the way he told her he was staying right there with her and he did. He was very sad she died. He knew the things he wanted to know about Tyler were in her and wanted to hear those things from her. Of course, he wants his son. That is human nature and a total given. To be otherwise would have been pure fiction. He will most likely see to her funeral arrangements. Maybe we get to see Philip and Tyler at her funeral.
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