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Oct 8 2007, 08:49 PM
Oct 5 2007, 03:57 PM
Oct 5 2007, 03:33 PM
Do you guys remember last year when OLTL made it look like Todd was going to be killed off and had Trevor St. John do exit interviews in the soap magazines? For the execution event OLTL did get a ratings spike, but it was never able to hold on to that audience. I think Days might be trying for something similar.

But there was never a spoiler that specifically said that Todd wasn't revived. It said the execution went through, but most people still knew that he would live.

If Days kills John, as much as I would hate it, maybe it would be the last thing Sheffer ever did as head writer.

Yup, and TSJ did not do an exit interview he did interviews where he said Todd died. It was really a mumz... similar to Drake's interviews when John was headed for the guillitone back in 98 or so.

This is all pretty dumb on the show's part, but in reality this show has not shown any real value (and by real we mean real dedication, outside of a month's storyline) to its veterans-- viewers or actors--- so this is probably not going to work for them either.

Not only that they are falling into GH's pattern and making a death or supposed death about someone so insignificant to the storyline.

GH didn't use Tony Jones for so long and then during the stunt pulled him out to kill him off.

GH didn't use Alan that much but pulled him out for the February stunt.

Now for a year Days has barely used John at all and has made him so insignificant that his death is not that important either.

Soaps just keep repeating the same damn mistakes.
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