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The biggest missed opportunity for me was the failure to incorporate John and Marlena in this in any meaningful way when if Hogan wanted to get rid of this couple he could have given them some swan song

Yes! Swan song- this should've been the swan song for John, Marlena & Stefano, imho, as well as a serious push to the back for Bo and Hope while guiding Lucas, Sami, & EJ to the fore.

For me though, that wasn't even the biggest missed opportunity, 'cause I'm more bothered by their failure to integrate the younger characters in a meaningful way.

Chelsea and Stephanie both have reasons to investigate the Dimera family, to get involved in some kind of ancillary storyline to the main origins stuff with letter-reading, but they gave them Touch the Sky. Belle and Shawn should have played roles in this, too, imho, beyond getting locked in a freezer (which- I sort of think that was supposed to go to Lucas-Sami-EJ but they swapped them out for some reason).

I mean, if you're going to bring back Mascolo and scenery-devouring Penghlis (sp?), you might as well use their presence to force viewers to watch new characters. And at least that way it would be a family feud storyline- as it's written, it's really not.

And just the storyline as a whole has this feel of much more like some Shakespearean tragedy or period drama than simply a soap tale.

Good point about the feeling of it. Shame they didn't get what Shakespeare got: that the characters are key. I still don't quite get why people are doing what they're doing when they're doing it, and while I can make it work if I rationalize I feel like I'm stretching things too far.

And as far as tone goes, I wish they had taken it dark. I remember scenery-devouring all-knowing Penghlis making some comment back when he first came back about how it was too dark and he was going to lighten it. But if you're going to dive into Santo's manipulations and suicide and bombings and a pregnant woman continually in life-or-death situations you might as well go all the way, if that makes sense.

I feel the same way about the period stuff, actually. If you're going to have those flashbacks, why not be more Dark Shadows about it and use other cast members as different characters? Introduce the letters, dive right in, make it an event for 2-3 weeks then move on.

I dunno. I'm still hoping for another major rewrite twist, though the show doesn't need that, saying this was all a Dimera trick perpetrated by EJ, with Stefano's help, to get the woman he wants. Given that I started the show watching & loving Kristen, that would feel much more right to me than all this Ireland stuff. I'd probably like EJ more, too, and then all the almost-deaths would be ok because they weren't the failure of Indestructible Andre but someone's conscious actions.

I really enjoy your columns, by the way. Agree with you completely on Anna Dimera. Took me about a scene to love her, would've been nice to see her around more.
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