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Viewing Single Post From: Marlena's Possession To Be Rebroadcast on SoapNet
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Oct 7 2007, 06:27 PM
Oct 7 2007, 04:58 PM
AWESOME!! I'll definitely be recording this. I remember IMA and myself going crazy over the 1995 episode they played on SoapNet several months back, LoL. IMA couldn't believe how much better the show was back then -- she had forgotten just HOW GOOD it was! LoL

Yes Kenny! And I still stand by that sentiment. It wasn't just every week or every episode had a cliffhanger to it back then, but every act had one before the commercial break, so it all flowed together so beautifully and the sets and everything else were just so much better. As much as I am psyched to see these great Marlena scenes from the possession story in this new marathon, quite honestly I also can't wait to see what other stuff may be in them with Vivian or the Carrie/Austin/Sami/Lucas quad that I loved back then too.

I'm curious though about the last epi if that is going to be the episode where John is alone with Marlena in the morgue. It's scary how vividly I remember that scene and I want to see if it lives up to my memories of it.

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I can't wait.

Remember how we were so shocked at how much BIGGER Sami's apartment was back then? Of course, Sami didn't live there then, but it was the same set/layout and Carrie/Billie lived there, I believe. Remember how HUGE it was?! LoL It made the set today look like a little child's dollhouse.

And the bedroom of the Kiriakis Mansion that Vivian was laying down in. What I remember most is the huge windows and the giant drapes that made the whole room seem expansive and RICH.

Anyway, I watched the morgue fight scenes on YouTube recently and I can tell you, they're superb. It's really creepy to watch, because at that point in the story, Marlena's body is completely dead and John is quite literally fighting a corpse. It just had such a DEAD, morbid feel to it.
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