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The sad thing is, it would take so little to make the viewers happy. (notice I said "viewers" and not "fan base X"). Situations that make sense, and emotions that ring true. So little...yet so complex for these idiots in charge to understand. The ONLY times I've related to the Nuke story, are the rare moments we've gotten at Luke or Noah's feelings about being accepted. This hooey with Winston is just a cheap way to move the action along.

It's like JP can only write ONE story. X & Y are in love, but X won't admit it and turns to Z. The more Y tries to get X, the more X clings to Z. Is there really any difference between Paul/Meg/Craig, Carly/Jack/Katie, and Luke/Noah/Maddie? Paul/Meg/Craig and Carjack/Katie are virtually the same story! Ro and Brad are the also rans, Paul and Jack are using two women, Katie and Craig both are doing everything they can to be number 1 in Jack/Meg's hearts, and Carly and Meg are making bad decisions left and right.
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