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Oct 9 2007, 12:54 PM
Oct 9 2007, 08:42 AM
Oh Greg as to the DR Top 20 polls, I wouldn't count that as indication. Some weeks it deserves to be there, but some not. It is just like at SON right now where we have a bigger group of voters for some shows - the same way that OLTL stayed at the top of SON's Top 10 when they didn't deserve to be there all the time.

It is not that bad yet but it is definitely getting more fan base controlled than when we first started.

The week that EJ and Sami both won 1st and 2nd place and topped the Best Actor and Best Actress poll there were people that voted that week that I haven't even seen around here before or since then. And that is looking at the bottom to see people who were logged in that week and viewing the Top 20 polls at the time.

I love the Top 20 and love it's balance but it is not a full register of quality. I mean we have people every week that get votes and do well even when they aren't on screen. Susan Flannery has managed almost every week that she has been gone to get 3 or 4 votes. Alec Musser is hardly ever on AMC but he gets votes. And so on. Leann Hunley gets votes every week and I think she has had 2 maybe 3 shows since we started the Top 20.


I don't remember whether or not I voted in this particular poll, but I generally vote for Sami and EJ/Alison and James because they are characters/actors I enjoy the most on Days. If I do vote, it's not because someone told me what to vote for or because I'm want to beat another actor/couple. I vote for what keeps me watching, what I'm enthusiastic about. Why have polls in the first place if the results are disregarded?

miou ~ there was one week a while back that a poster who isn't a regular here, but is registered, put up a thread at FL in the "internet poll" section and a lot of people who will register anywhere and vote for all things EJami just to beat others (which was indeed the just of the post at FL) did when that thread was still up. While you aren't necessarily one of them, a lot of people over there, are. That's why I knew what SteveFrame meant by his comments that people came and voted and haven't been back. The post, before it was taken down, actually had the tallies in it. Thank goodness for the staff at FL who immediately removed the thread once they saw it.
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