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Here are detailed spoilers for Y&R, read at your own risk:

-Professor Doorbell will be the hero.
-Clownface, aka nunucolleen, will be heartbroken after she misplaces her cell phone in the ordeal... how will she recover?
-MOLE (paul's daughter) will make out with the Iron Maiden (Maggie) in their hour of need.
-Meanwhile, Amber will be shocked to be visited by a generic looking 20-something from her past named Apple Sauce.
-Apple Sauce will turn out to be Carmen Mesta's fraternal cousin who was injected into the whom of William Bardwell's mom and is actually a triplet to Jeffrey and William.
-Ji Men's ghost will come back to haunt Jana.
-Noah will catch David Chow lying and the show will devote 6 episodes to Noah lecturing David about the consequences of lying.

But rest assured, Y&R will focus on all its most important characters, namely Amber, Doorbell, Clownface, MOLE, Bardwell twins, Jana, dead Ji-Men and super annoying Noah. No other cast members will have any story of signifance until November Sweeps, 2014.
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