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Oct 9 2007, 12:43 PM
Oct 9 2007, 11:54 AM
Oct 9 2007, 08:42 AM
Oh Greg as to the DR Top 20 polls, I wouldn't count that as indication. Some weeks it deserves to be there, but some not. It is just like at SON right now where we have a bigger group of voters for some shows - the same way that OLTL stayed at the top of SON's Top 10 when they didn't deserve to be there all the time.

It is not that bad yet but it is definitely getting more fan base controlled than when we first started.

The week that EJ and Sami both won 1st and 2nd place and topped the Best Actor and Best Actress poll there were people that voted that week that I haven't even seen around here before or since then. And that is looking at the bottom to see people who were logged in that week and viewing the Top 20 polls at the time.

I love the Top 20 and love it's balance but it is not a full register of quality. I mean we have people every week that get votes and do well even when they aren't on screen. Susan Flannery has managed almost every week that she has been gone to get 3 or 4 votes. Alec Musser is hardly ever on AMC but he gets votes. And so on. Leann Hunley gets votes every week and I think she has had 2 maybe 3 shows since we started the Top 20.


I don't remember whether or not I voted in this particular poll, but I generally vote for Sami and EJ/Alison and James because they are characters/actors I enjoy the most on Days. If I do vote, it's not because someone told me what to vote for or because I want to beat another actor/couple. I vote for what keeps me watching, what I'm enthusiastic about. Why have polls in the first place if the results are disregarded?

I don't think anywhere that I said the results were totally disregarded.

If anyone will take the time to look at the rules and guidelines for which we started The Daytime Top 20 we set it up not as a fave poll but as a Best of Poll. That is the reason we give people threads to point out who they feel was the best that week and pimp them.

We do not at the same time stop people from voting for who they want. That is their perogative. There are some sites that set up the Best of Polls and if a person wasn't on that week they will not allow them to be voted for. We do not do that. You vote for whoever you please to vote for. But the Top 20 is not just a favorite show or favorite performer poll.

We are not naive enough to know that the fan bases will still not try to fix the results. It happens with any magazine poll or online poll these days. We just try to stress the fact that our poll is designed to be different. We have lofty expectations that people will vote who is the best that week and not who is just their favorite.

I applaud Mary who admitted to not voting for Days 2 weeks ago as she said even though it is her favorite it didn't deserve the vote.

Frankly the week that EJ/Sami won I didn't have that much of a problem with it as that week EJ/Sami had some great scenes and were very good. There have been other weeks when they are Days top duo in the poll and other performers have blown them away.

So no the results are not totally disregarded but as someone else pointed out a few weeks ago when people or shows win consistently every week no matter what then it makes it hard to appreciate the weeks they really deserve to be at the top.

And one last comment, fan bases feel like they are helping their performer but they are actually not. And they are not helping their show either. When fan bases consistently put their performer at the top at the expense of others who deserve the limelight at times, they only harbor resentment for that couple or actor among others. The saddest thing is that many times yes they rob another show from getting the spotlight but it also robs others from the same show to shine when they deserve too.

When SON had their top 10 Michael Easton and Alicia Minshew and Renee Elise Goldsberry stayed at the top so often and consistently that they became hated, no one appreciated them anymore, and many of their own castmates never got the recognition they deserved.

Good points Steve. And you're right, if someone gives a mediocre performance, they don't deserve to get a vote for the best. If I felt like my "faves" on a particular week were sleepwalking through a performance, I just wouldn't bother to vote for them. And if I felt the someone I normally wouldn't take much notice of gave a knockout performance, I'd vote for that person. And I apologize if it sounded in any way like I was knocking you or this site--I'm glad that I found DR. I enjoy visiting here because most people do tend to look at soaps as a whole rather than a fanbase vehicle.
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