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After all... tomorrow is another day!

OK, so aside from the Cheatin Heart and Kayla-Pocket stuff this was a filler episode and a half. LOL at the TRIPLE flashback that Phillip had over Lauren. Don't think I've ever seen that before on DOOL.

The EJ/Sami/Lucas stuff was just odd. EJ and Sami were back at the pub again yet they were wearing different clothes and now Lucas is there and it felt like we came into their talk mid-conversation. Doesn't anyone have a home any more? I mean I get that it seems like EJ may be developing alcoholism as he always has a drink in his hand now so it makes sense for him to be at the bar again, but Sami? When was the last time we saw her apartment? I wonder if they got rid of that set? And what's up with Sami and EJ wearing different clothes yet it's still the same day in the Phillip-Belle-Billie-Shawn scenes. Did we miss something? I did like the EJ interjections sticking up for Sami though as Lucas and Sami had the same argument for the 99th time as at least that added a little variety to the scene. "No one makes me do what I don't want to do." Oh really, Sami? So are you saying that EJ has never made you do what you didn't want to do? Never FORCED you to do something you didn't want to do? Are we back to Dec. 29 was a bargain and not rape then DOOL writers? Damn this show sends out mixed messages like nobody's business.

Today I finally decided it's annoying that Kate is doing nothing for Phillip in regards to Tyler. Have Phillip and Kate ever talked about it? I mean I know having Kate and Phillip interact would remind viewers that Kate doesn't actually have to whore herself out to Stefano because if she was in trouble Phillip could just float her some cash, but where the hell is she? And it's sad that the only story Billie can have is supporting the Shellip triangle. Ugh. LOL at Belle of all people getting the Salem brain today and figuring out that Lauren abandons baby at the hospital + Pocket = Tyler.

The Hope and Kayla stuff was good. Enjoyed the Frankie mention. Michael from AW, where the hell have you been?

Shock of all shocks I actually liked the Cheatin Heart stuff (other than Stephanie not being there for her mom at all as she deals with Benjy dead, Steve in jail and now apparently Pocket being taken away) but why did they have to give the new guy the name FORD DECKER?! Where do they come up with these names? I hate him on sight just because apparently the guy is nothing more than some inside joke from a "Blade Runner" fan. And they needed to have a bachelor's auction and Chelsea didn't call Jett? So they are going to have a shirtless guy scene and not incorporate Marcus Patrick into it when as far as I can tell it was his body that was the only reason that he was hired? BTW, where's Nick? Now that Chelsea and Stephanie are in a sorority are they not allowed to hang out with him? But damn I can deal with that because Chelsea's weird crying rant was actually interesting to me and Darin Brooks is a SEXY boy and I had a lot of fun watching him in this scene. Yay for shirtless men on Days and I can dig scenes with Chelsea, Stephanie and Max interacting with each other.

Wasn't sure if Hogan Sheffer could show any more contempt for the Catholic church than with his Santeen story (corrupt priest, busybody sister, weak and unstable novice who committed suicide but was given a plaque in a church after her death?), but with that quickie annulment Stefano bought? Wow. Brazen. Not that I am even Catholic or a big supporter of organized religion or anything, but if I was I could see these stories turning me off right off the bat with their anti-church slant. And when did Stefano get that motorized wheelchair? I liked his pimp cane better.

Overall a C+ episode, I'm just ready to get to the meaty stuff later in the week already.
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