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I was surprised, too, that the sorority auction was pretty good. I'm on the fence about Ford Decker, though. Not bad, but not WOW either. I rather liked the John Fogerty lookalike one best. Max was too cute and so hot, for a youngster. Somehow he looked like he was 18 or 19 instead of about 23. Loved the green-eyed look from Steph LOL. Rachel Melvin had the best day in a long time, for Chelsea, I think.

Belle is a mother and I think she probably would be quick to think a womanly, motherly way. She probably has even seen "Pocket" with Kayla, maybe vaguely recognized from the photo Philip had, that he had to be Tyler. This could have gone on until he began college as I had to laugh out loud when Philip mentioned that.

Actually, I thought the Child Protection Services agent was too kind to Kayla. After all, Steve was on TV threatening a man's life in front of the whole viewing audience and that wasn't even mentioned. Philip will be livid with them for that. If Kayla gives him a hard time, she will be asking for it. I'll be on Philip's side. Kayla is barely, scarcely getting into my good graces and it wouldn't take much to dump her out again. The very idea. She performed the operation to steal John's kidney. She needs to be out ted and lose her license anyway.

Lexie needs to be reinstated. What she did wasn't anywhere near as dastardly.
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