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Steve Frame
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Just had to post about Tuesday's show. I really enjoyed it alot. Monday's was so so.

I love the fact that unlike some shows GL never forgets the complex relationship between Billy and Joshua. Jordan Clarke & Robert Newman have worked together for so long they feed off each other so well. Their scenes alone on Tuesday just sold me on the show. It was such a wonderful family moment. I hate that they always go the route of having Billy fall off the wagon, but also knowing and dealing with 2 uncles alcoholisms in my lifetime that it is something the person never gets over and can fall off the wagon so easy. I love that they continue to show Billy's struggle with it because it is so real to anyone who has dealt with an alcoholic. His words to Joshua today rang so true.

I also love the Billy and Lizzie relationship. They are such good friends. And they feed off each other so well.

Love that Bill is going to be having problems. This should be an interesting story.

And call me crazy but I am one of the many who is glad Reva and Jeffrey are back together. I know that Jeffrey is a rapist and I hate that part but I have never had a problem with a rapist moving on just as long as it is not with the person he raped. That is disgusting. Reva and Josh are a great couple and I always love that they seem to find their way back to one another, but Kim Zimmer is such an actress that she can sell pretty much any couple. I loved her chemistry with Larkin Malloy. I love her chemistry here with Bradley Cole. She was cute with Paul Michael Valley. I have always loved teh chemistry she shares with Jordan Clarke.

I am just very much enjoying Jeffrey with Reva and before that I have never liked the character at all.

ONe final comment is that this show hardly goes a week without showing almost all of it's cast at least once in some way. Well here lately. But I still wonder why in the hell they can't show Blake and Lillian more. We got to see Blake last week but it seems like forever since we ahve seen Lillian. If she was on I missed her.
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