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Farah's first day!

I don't know if you all know, but Farah (ex-Mimi) just started on One Life To Live. We are all so excited for her, and at Martha's (Belle) real-life wedding last month I sat next to Farah and she was telling me about moving to NYC, and the new character etc.

Side note, we quickly became infamous at the wedding for being 'table 16' since we shouted it and were a loud, raucous group. And I hold Bryan (Lucas) and Kyle Brandt totally responsible for being troublemakers. Darrin (Max), Rachel (Chelsea), Farah, her sister, Dave and I were just innocent by-standers. we were definitely not part of the commotion!

Anyway, knowing that Farah's first day was approaching, Margie, who used to do Farah's hair at days and also does my hair, and Martha's, was talking about sending Farah a little care-package of some of her old stuff from Days. Including this hilarious knit cap with hair extentions sewn in. a few years back, Farah had cut her long hair off, thinking there was a 'new day' in Salem, and she could just have a new hair style. Well, she showed up for work to an unpleasant surprise... and the only solution was to keep her in a the cap, for way too long until she could show off her cute new cut.

So, Martha and I got to thinking... let's surprise her with it! So I called over to the OLTL hair dept, and we got them onboard to pull out the knit cap, as she sits down in the chair for her first day of work! Martha, and I and everyone in the make-up room were just dying thinking about her reaction. And the only weak point to our plan was that we wouldn't get to see the expression on her face! So, we called in a favor at Soap Opera Digest!!! SOD to the rescue!! They helped us concoct a story that they were doing a web interview of her first day. So, their cameras were rolling as she gets presented with the infamous knit cap. and a video montage from her Days family wishing her good luck at her new show. (during which Bryan is wearing her knit cap! lol. the whole thing just went perfectly!)

I think SOD.com is posting the footage this week sometime, so you have to go check it out. Martha and I haven't seen it yet either!

back to work!

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