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Oct 5 2007, 12:05 AM
It doesn't matter if EJ hit John or not. He proves that he is obsessed with Sami and doesn't love her. First by stalking her little sister to her college class. Then by going back to see Sami and arguing with her about her decision not to marry him. If EJ truly loved Sami, he would admit defeat. He wouldn't go stalking Belle or go back to pick a fight with Sami after he got bored with waiting for Belle to come out of her class.

This argument cracks me up simply because I've seen people use it as "EJ doesn't love Sami" but years ago the same argument was used to prove Sami loved Lucas because of all the things she did, blackmail, revenge, things like that.

EJ follows, not stalks, there's a legal definition precluding what he does from being stalking. He argues about the wedding because he loves her, just like Sami did with Lucas when he called of their weddings. Or did Sami not love Lucas at that time?

And, fortunately, spoiler information indicates EJ had nothing to do with the accident. Thank goodness.
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