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If it is Will that would be a pretty interesting storyline ... lets say that EJ who is trailing Belle - is a witness to John being hit by WILL... That would give EJ leverage over Will ... because Will would have left the scene of a Hit and Run and he would be responsible for the death of his step-grandfather... EJ comes to the rescue and he pays a guy to take the "fall" a little stint in prison for lets say a million bucks ... he tells Will he will take care of it .... he tells Will that he loves him mother and that this would destroy her ... so together EJ and Will hide the fact that it was Will... EJ gets Will on his side ... Sami now thinks that the vendetta lives until she marries EJ ... let the games begin!

Plus the fact that Will would be for ever feeling guilty it could mess him up - the guilt could eat away at him .... turns him either real bad ... or overly saintly!
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