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Viewing Single Post From: Days: Warrant Issued for James Scott's girlfriend
Oct 10 2007, 03:45 PM
It didn't say she was a working model/actress. I've never heard of her.

I just want to know why being from another country gets you a free pass to break the rules? It is probably more the 41 cents since it would have to be signed for thought it isn't much more.

If it's anything like California, there's no signing. It's automatic and all computer generated. No judge has to see it if it's just a missed fine.

And wow Kitty, only two days, I tend to go two or three months without getting my plates taken care of and those are only $28.

This is his girlfriend http://www.virb.com/amengual/photos/103471

Google Meyghan Hill and she's got a ton of runway shots. That's what makes things even more pathetic. The group that's sending a money order to her knows that she's a model/actress.
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